Used Racking - Excellent quality at a great price!! 

Redirack Montreal has access to one of the largest inventories of new and premium used racking and material storage products through our vast network. 
We offer our commercial and retail customers a wide selection of gently used store fixtures for sale, with low pricing ideal for budget-conscious store and warehouse owners. Redirack Montreal ensures all our products are in excellent shape and are tested to be in good working order so you can count on them to perform reliably for years to come. Whether you are searching for used retail shelving system, used showcases, or warehouse racking, we feature an excellent inventory of the retail displays and supplies you need to show off your product and successfully operate your store. 

Our typical material: 

42" x 96" 
42" x 120" 
42" x 144” 
42" x 192" 
42" x 216" 
42" x 240" 
36" x 120" 
36" x 144" 
36" x 192" 

96" x 4" 
108" x 4 
120" x 4 
144" x 6 

Safery bars 

Wire mesh decks 
42" x 46" 
42" x 52" 

Have questions about our used retail fixtures? We’d be happy to help you choose the right products for your space and your budget. Call us today at 438-502-8346! 

Every business relies on industrial products from its suppliers to keep them operating safely and efficiently. Your needs may be quite simple – appropriate work gloves, protective eye wear, safety sign-age, or range towards the more complex – a conveyor, a specialized cart, dock door parts, forklift accessories, staff locker and lunch room needs. Your needs can be large or small but you can count on Redirack Montreal to provide fast delivery on everyday items and professional sourcing of specialized items from our network of local and international suppliers.

Areas of particular strength:

Material Handling equipment

Safety products and supplies

Tools, fabrication and shop supplies


Storage Systems including racking, shelving, wire mesh decks, bins

Have questions about our products or services? We’d be happy to help you choose the right products to meet your needs and within your budget. Call us today at 438-502-8346!

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